Current situation in Dream City

Services that were stopped due to Corona 19 has been started  again.

Church never sleep!


Dream City works for the homeless people in Christianity 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


We have helped the homeless and poor people to rehabilitate from April of 2011, It is registered as church and we do not get any support from government.

Church which opens 24 hours 365 days a year,

Church without real estate,

Church with transparency in finance and operation,

Church without donation (during worship)....                

                                            -It's the vision of Dream City

You can see the financial status revised everyday through our website.

300-400 homeless people visit Dream City during daytime and 30 people sleep in night time.

Our services are

- computer/internet (16 computers)

- phone / fax

- haircut (Mon.-Sun.)

- medical service (Sat.) - agape medical team(CCC)

- acupuncture (Wed. Sat. Sun.)

- dental service 

- movie 

- id photo / resume, documents / mailing service

- sleeping beds (20 beds)

- needle, thread, bond, teeth brush & paste and etc.

- emergency medicine

- meal 

- worship (Sun. -1:10pm, Wed.-6:30pm)

- side job

- bible study (Wed.)

- birthday party (every 4th Sunday by Unduk Church)

- psychological  counseling

- legal counseling (Wednesday by Dongchun Lawfirm.)

- welfare/job counseling 

    (every 4th Wednesday by Seoul City Government)

We help the homeless people with various programs with volunteers. 

We plan to open a free clinic and another Dream City for the old and poor in local area within some years.

With your prayers and interest we have helped a lot of people. We can make the world better.

For more information, please contact us.        

           Pastor  Woo, Yeonshik                                                                            

82-2-6352-0852 / 82-10-9369-5318