Mar., 2020 - Monthly mission report

2 Apr 2020
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It is hard time for the Society, especially for the poor.

Due to the Corona 19, many services such as worship, medical treatment, oriental medicine treatment, dental treatment, psychological counseling, legal counseling, employment / welfare counseling, haircuts are suspended. Other services are maintained.

Since the meals are being served only at the facilities near from Seoul Station, more homeless people who are not afford to the free meals are gathering to Seoul Station, and Dream City became busier with the increasing no. of visitors.

As Dream City cut down the no of chairs for social distance to prevent Corona 19, there is an uncomfortable part.  It is difficult to close the facility because most people here have no place to go. We force the people to wear mask and ask people not to speak as much as possible. And people understand this guideline and follow well.

Thankfully, some people who know that we give masks and send masks enough. We will do our best to provide better help to those in need, and to meet your expectation and devotion.

I pray that the Lord's care will always be with you, at home, and in business.

For more information, contact us. 

Pastor Woo, Yeonshik   010-9369-5318

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